Welcome to Bellcliff

A blog for your campaign in Bellcliff

The adventurers encounter a gang of thugs outside the city of Bellcliff and quickly dispatch them.

The city of Bellcliff is the largest city in the territory, and larger than any other the adventurers have ever seen.

The party visits the Temple of the Serving Hand, gleaning information from a friendly preist, NAME HERE.

From the preist the adventurers learn:
– the gang members are agents of the RATLORD
– the Ratlord controls the criminal activity in the city
– the Temple helps all in need and is led by BROTHER ALGIDMAN
– several preists have been mysteriously murdered in recent years
– there is an uneasy tension between the Temple and the Ratlord gang
– more informaition may be found in the city’s main square to the north

In the main square the party learns that another fiefdom, HOOLE, to the north is recruiting soldiers from the city.

The party meets a friendly innkeeper, BAUGH BOBBINS, who offers them shelter. He tells them they appear to have similar goals: reasons to want the Ratlord out of the city.



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